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Lightcast Public Safety Catalog > Lightcast Dolly Mounted 18'' LED Radar Sign
Lightcast Dolly Mounted 18'' LED Radar Sign

Orig. Price: $5,395.60
Sale Price: $4,695.50
Prod. Code: LCRDM-18

radar speed sign dolly 18''

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  • Portable
  • 18″ LED digit height
  • All Aluminum Display Enclosure
  • Adjustable Speed Threshold Selection Switch
  • Bash Plate on Front of Display to Prevent Damage to LED`s
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • Over Speed Violator Alert (Flashing)
  • Over Speed Violator Alert (Blanking)
  • MPH / KPH operation
  • Lightweight
  • Battery Included
  • Easy to Handle and Move Around
  • Laptop Connection Available
  •  All Aluminum Construction


Quick Selection Switch

radar speed sign quick switch

With Lightcast Quick Speed Display Selection Switch you are able to change your over speed violator alert speed and your blanking violator alert without need of a CPU. This will allow for field workers to have no experience in programming – just turn the thumb wheel to desired speed threshold .

Protective Front Display Plate 

radar sign speed display signs

Aluminum with Lexan Reinforcement

Black Front to Reduce Glare 


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