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Lightcast Public Safety Catalog > Trailer Mounted 10'' LED Variable Message Board - Winch Style
Trailer Mounted 10'' LED Variable Message Board - Winch Style

Orig. Price: $20,000.00
Sale Price: $17,800.00
Prod. Code: LCMB8249WT-3-10

Trailer Mounted 10'' LED Variable Message Board - Winch style LCMB8249WT-3-10 ask about Hydraulic style

lcmb9757 variable message board

Solar Powered, Portable Changeable Message Sign. Capable of three lines of alphanumeric 10” high text and

graphics/animations, all LED display, self contained on-board computer, multiple alphanumeric fonts, powder coat

paint system. Display is 82” x 49”, with winch style trailer (telescopic). Also supports up to 260 predefined

messages (text and graphics). Supports storage of up to 100 changeable messages. System comes standard with four-

(4) 6-volt batteries (totaling 450 12V amps) and 160 watts of solar. NTCIP Compliant. 







Changeable Message Board

MUTCD Symbols

Arrow Board Patterns





Quick Selection Switch

With K&K Systems’ Quick Message Selection Switch you are able to switch between the first 16 user defined messages that you have created. This will allow for field workers to have no experience in programming – just turn the thumbwheel to desired message number 

quick message

Standard Solar Feature

The Solar rotate and tilt feature increases energy output 3 to 1 – compared to traditional flat solar panels.
Rotate 360 degrees independent of sign.
Able to tilt at a 45 degree angle. 

  solar panel


Brochure Sheet

Add-ons call for pricing :

 Hydraulic Lifts = $1300.00


LCADD40W Additional 40 watt solar panel
LCADDB06225 Add battery pack with two-6 volt batteries for a total of 225 amps.
LCCELL FEE Fee for setting up the modem.
LCCELL-MODEM Cell modem.
LCPAINT Custom Paint: other than white, orange or black  (15 day lead time).
LCT Conspicuity tape 16 ft (reflective).
LCEXB12360 Replace battery pack with 12 volt 360 amp battery.
LCELL-MODEM Cell modem.
LCHM Hour Meter.
LCTAXL Axle lock for anti theft.
LCTBBD Bulldog coupler & adjustable height channel.
LCTBPR Pintle ring hitch coupler & adjustable height channel.
LCTLLN Locking lug nuts.
LCTLT LED taillights.
LCTP Tow plate – 4″ x 6″ angle with 2″ ball
LCTPLUG-6 6-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
LCTPLUG-7 7-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
LCTPLUGA-6 6 contact metal connector with spring.
LCTPLUGA-7 7 contact metal connector with spring.
LCTSKID Anti-skid tape on fenders and battery compartment.
LCTSTAT Traffic Statistics package.  Able to download important traffic stats through radar.  Downloadable to a user provided laptop. 
LCTTS 15″ spare tire with mount 





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