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Lightcast Public Safety Catalog > Lightcast 11'' Radar Sign AC powered
Lightcast 11'' Radar Sign AC powered

Orig. Price: $2,800.00
Sale Price: $2,500.00
Prod. Code: LCER11-P-AC299

 Lightcast 11'' Radar Sign AC powered (solar available, see below)

Lightcast radar speed sign AC powered


Add a "Slow Down" LED above our 14'' 16'' and 18'' models Fixed Signs - call for pricing (not available on 11'' model)

CAll about adding a camera for videos. www.radarspeedcameras.com


slow down sign radar sign


Call for volume and promotional prices availabe throughout the year.

Call for shipping quote.  



  • 10.5″ LED Display
  • Easily Adapt to Existing Pole or One of Our Optional Poles
  • Radar is FCC pre-approved with CE mark for worldwide deployment
  • Lowest power industry standard radar for speed measurement
  • All LED Display
  • Available in 24.125GHz and 24.200Ghz
  • All Aluminum Display Enclosure
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • Built in White Violator Strobe
  • Front Serviceable
  • Over Speed Flashing Violator Alert
  • Over Speed Blanking Violator Alert
  • KPH Option available
  • All Aluminum Display Enclosure
  •  Front Serviceable

 radar speed sign

 Call for a selection of Poles offered and see one of our favorites for 11'' signs here


Tapco V-Lock Pole System


CPU Software

With Lightcast's Laptop software you will be able to configure your violator alerts and other settings 

 statistical package for radar speed signs

 Call for pricing.

Onboard ports for recharging and downloading statistics (blue tooth option available) see stat package for pricing.

Call for blue tooth pricing.

  recharge and download reports port



Optional Solar Package

With Lightcast' optional Solar feature you we no longer need to trench or bore electricity to your radar display. No more Power Bill!

 Solar Version Spec Sheet PDF 



 solar panel for radar speed displays


 Call for pricing on an added "Slow Down" LED


Radar speed signs available with


 Available locking mounting brackets

Our mount covers the strap screw so nobody without a key can unscrew the strap and remove the sign.

  mounting brackets locking style


Battery Only (2 week charge) Spec Sheet PDF    



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