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Building Radar Speed Cameras on various developed radar signs and message boards since 2010 call and see if we can retrofit cameras on your signs and boards or simply use a covert unit.  

.These camera units have been transferred to a new partner building and selling these, call for details. Lightcast no longer builds, supports or sells these. Specs may change from this brochure.



 variable message sign signs boards changeable  arrow boards signs sign  Ac or Solar School Zone Beacon Radar Sign 14  to 17 foot pole recommended  school zone flashers solar radar speed signs   caution beacons stop flashing beacons solar beacons  vechicle mounted arrow  bpards and message signs                



                                            Simple Installations              School Zone             Plant and Campus              Neighborhood

                                  Signs                                                               Flashing Beacons              Portables                          Solar Signs                        Variable Message Boards and Signs              Arrow Boards      Solar  Caution and Stop Beacons 

  Radar Speed Camera Add-On - available !!

call for our questionaire to quote your configuration

Solar, Battery, AC, fixed pole mount and now with Trailer, with Radar Sign

Lightcast Radar Camera Brochure pdf   These camera units have been transferred to a new partner building and selling these, call for details. Lightcast no longer builds, supports or sells these.Specs may change from this brochure. specs may change


 Low Cost Poles available

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Radar Speed Signs | Radar Trailers Info-sites :

  Solar radar speed sign signs  Solar Driver Feedback Signs and Trailers are here  Solar radar speed sign signs


Radar Sign Lightcast Public Safety Press Release 092308


Radar Speed Sign Lightcast press release 060508


Radar Sign and Radar Trailer Determinator page


School Districts - Radar Speed Display signs with timed school zone flashing beacons   pdf

grants for radar signs    School Zone Safety Grant

Law Enforcement - Radar Speed Trailers                                                        trailer site

Universities - Driver Feedback Signs

Parking Facilities - Radar Speed Sign

Toll Plazas and Roads - Speed Radar Signs                                                      

Public Works - Portable Driver Feed Back Signs and Radar Trailers            pdf  site work coming soon

Traffic Engineering - Solar and AC Radar Display Feedback Signs                pdf

Corporate Campuses - AC powered Fixed Pole Radar Sign                             pdf

Plant Entrances and Forklifts - Portable Radar Signs                                        pdf

HOAs and Neighborhoods - Solar Radar Speed Signs                                       pdf

Gated Communities - Battery Powered Driver Feedback Signs

Distribution Hubs - Ruggedized Radar Speed Signs

Railroad Yards - Ruggedized Radar Speed Feedback Signs

Rugged Portable - Solar and Battery Powered Mobile Radar Speed Signs


  Radar Sign statistics - These signs save lives


 Lightcast Radar Speed Camera System - view speeders day or night in video clips in real-time and recorded - now here in many configurations. Since 2010 offering internet wifi and internet to cellular connections to view your speeders from anywhere in the world. 



 Radar Speed Sign Effectiveness - More Statistics and Resources for your next meeting



Lightcast variable message sign signs boards changeable       Lightcast 10.5'' Light Radar Trailer  Lightcast 18'' Light Radar Trailer Lightcast 18'' folding radar trailer  Lightcast variable message sign with radar speed sign 2 line and 3 line 2 line variable message trailer



school zone flashing beacons advisory sign with driver feedback display sign option


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Radar Speed Signs Radar TrailersRadar Speed Cameras - Trailer Arrow Signs - Variable Message Signs / Boards / Displays  Radar Speed Trailers Alcohol Breathalyzers - Speed Enforcement Video Cameras


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 SEE OUR NEW SITE  HERE                                        www.Lightcast-International.com 



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    Contractors Bidding      International Dealers     

Grant Funding      Testimonials      Images and Brochures



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