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Lightcast Introduces Ruggedized Radar Speed Signs

Sep 23, 2008

For Immediate Release

Edward Baker

Lightcast Ruggedized Radar Speed Displays Have Essential Specifications

Atlanta, GA: September 23, 2008 Lightcast Networks announces the addition of a new line of radar speed awareness boards. The products are designed for rugged environments such as work zones, state docks, military bases, airport parking lots, motocross race courses, schools zones, parks and recreational areas, even plants and warehouses with forklifts.

Edward Baker, CEO of Lightcast Networks? RadarSpeedSigns.com, explains ?Our customers expect rugged, highly visible, affordable and easy-to-install driver feed back signs. They also look for auto-dim to adjust brightness, and onboard counters to record average speed, highest speed and number of violators. The signs can record these stats even covertly with the radar sign LEDs off.? Baker adds that ?Lightcast also includes a PDA and optional Bluetooth to program speeds and download stats. Review many of the software charting analytics in graphs or tables at www.radarspeedsigns.com.?

LED radar displays are nothing new, but when we saw the specs, quality and durability of affordable radar speed monitors we knew there was still a need to be met,? explained Baker. ?We have recently found a first class USA manufacturer to partner with on a line of traffic speed displays.?

Lightcast's driver feedback signs are tough and highly vandal-resistant. You can visit our website and see how one of these units survived a bullet! says Mr. Baker. One radar speed monitor comes as a portable radar sign on a very sturdy metal dolly that can fit in the back of a truck. All products can be directly powered on AC current, run on a rechargeable battery or even via solar power panels. For easy installation of permanent radar pole signs, Lightcast displays a concrete mold option (images at www.radarspeedsigns.com).

Since radar displays, radar speed monitors, radar speed trailers, radar traffic signs, photo-lidar, traffic display monitors, speed reader boards and similar products incorporate radar or lasers they should be FCC certified and meet MUTCD sign guidelines for many local, state and federal regulations. Also, city planners and traffic engineers know to spec breakaway bolts for poles to help lower injuries in case of car a wreck. Compliancy should always be included in radar speed sign bid specifications,? explains Mr. Baker.

He adds, Unattended speed alert monitors are reliable 24-hour neighborhood speed watch enforcement tools, and in many instances can take the place of speed bumps or speed humps in creating safe routes. Radar signs are easier to approve than road work in neighborhoods, cost less, and do not slow response times for emergency vehicles. Many traffic calming policies now include radar speed displays, and local civic clubs, PTAs and home owners associations are backing these efforts. There is no question that effectively slowing traffic saves lives.

Surveys show radar speed signs are the quickest and longest-lasting way to slow speeders in neighborhoods and school zones without increasing noise levels.

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