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Radar Speed Cameras
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Speed Camera Radar Speed Cameras Road Speed Camera Digital Speed Cameras Radar Camera Video Photo Radar Tickets photo enforcement


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Since 2010  Lightcast Radar Speed Camera System - view speeders day or night in video clips.

Video the vehicles as they speed through your city, county, school, neighborhood.

Many options available.  1-678-339-2326 ext 2 Insert in radar signs, trailers, or message signs.

Low cost Photo Enforcement systems.

Simply set the speed threshold and as drivers come up to the unit it will take a video if they are speeding and insert that speed in the video clip for download. Even allow remote real time view or email clips when connected to a network. Real time streaming speeder over your network or internet to your home or business.

Optional 2nd camera for front view + rearview for license tag. Up to 4 cameras.

Operator will simply mount the outdoor camera(s) and mount small outdoor NEMA enclosure for the Digital Video Recording (DVR) unit and integrated radar system. AC, Battery and Solar fixed and trailer available.

Point the cameras test the video clips for correct zoom and location and voila your in business of catching speed violators. Photo Video Speed enforcement system. Lightcast RadarCam.

Please fill in our form and our representatives will help you pick out the options such as camera, settings, mounting brackets / straps and answer your other questions.

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Lightcast Radar Camera Brochure pdf   

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 radar speed camera photo enforcement






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 Newer software now available with multiple view camera shots.



Speed Camera Radar Speed Cameras Road Speed Camera Digital Speed Cameras Radar Camera Video Photo Radar Tickets photo enforcement


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